BUBBLE SHOOTER is an interesting and fun game, play with colors, no Wifi, free download and upgraded versions are available.
Played by all age groups.
Played in all countries.
No age restrictions.
Helps during boredom, stressful days and sleepless nights.
You feel relaxed.
Play when you are in anger to get them distracted.

Aim the bubbles you want to shoot with the Robot tracker.
Shows the path where to shoot the bubbles.
Match 3 or more color candy bubbles. Rescue the trapped Microbots inside the color candies.
There are more exciting and interesting levels keep on moving to unlock the levels.

Attractively Designed-HD Quality Colors and Graphics.
Collects coins and gifts and use for an upgrade.
Pleasant music which motivates you.
Keenly is interested in next levels.
Color matching skills get improved.
Various colors make your minds get refreshed.

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