Hit The Numbers - Maths Games - Add, Substrate

The Hit the number is a maths game to help develop mental mathematics and speed. Playing the game improves memory and fast response of the brain.

  • Improve your maths skills with this application.
  • This is a Mathematics game.
  • This maths game will help you to learn to count in your mind quickly and develop maths skills.
  • Practice Addition, Subtraction, Division, Tables, Halves and Square and guess all maths puzzles!

Hit the number makes your maths basics stronger, which is essential for complicated maths calculation. The game is classified into basics like 
Addition, Subtraction, Division, Tables, Halves and Square. Each classification have few sub classification so everyone could select a section based on their age or ability. 

It will increase your concentration, speed and accuracy. It will be a good refresh for our brain.