Mobile app development

With the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019, Mobile focused development has become popular. The number of smartphone users is forecast to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to around 2.5 billion in 2019. The technology world has responded to this through 2 major approaches. Mobile Application Development and Responsive Website or Mobile first web developments.

There is a difference between Mobile Application Development and Mobile website development. Based on your requirement we could help you decide which way to go. Mobile Application Development is used when we want to fully utilize the hardware capabilities of a device. Mobile web development is chosen if you want normal features of your existing website optimized for a mobile user. Mobile application development is expensive than mobile web development. Nowadays the capabilities difference between the Mobile app and mobile website is narrowing due to advancement in technology. We will analyze your requirement and help you decide if you need a Mobile App or a Mobile Website.

The mobile application development can be categorized into the following Major categories. Game Apps are the most favorite category across successful mobile application stores, including Google Play store and the Apple Apps Store. Business App comes second with applications that help productivity and to make day to day business activities easier to do. Education app has increased in recent time with lots of new information available for learners. Entertainment App mainly includes a common type of apps like Video, Audio apps. Utility Apps falls does a wide range of tasks like Anti Virus Scans, QR Reader. Social Apps are becoming popular with a lot of people using it for communication and sharing videos and photos.

Application Development

While considering each application for the development, our team keep the cycle of Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance as a reminder. We analysis what kind of application you need to present to your customers and dose the planning accordingly. After the planning and analysis complete the implementation is done by achieving a crash free application with less cost of production. In any case of the maintenance, we are happy to do the custom maintenance for the application with a minimal cost.

UI/UX Design

We as a Mobile Application Developer and Designing company, we priorities our effort to produce the apps with the best User Interface and with User Experiences. The interface is the most important feature of a mobile application. Our developers and designers work hard to give you high-end UX and UI. These efforts in the fields of UX and UI makes your mobile applications more interactive and more engaging to the users. These designs give lots of rich features to the users and huge customer satisfaction.

Native Mobile App Development

If you need mobile applications with a high degree of reliability and having a faster performance compared to other common mobile applications, we have a solution. Native mobile applications are those applications that provide high performance with a high degree of reliability and faster experiences. Unlike other common mobile applications, the Native mobile applications are written in a specific programming language to fulfill the required features that the user needs.

Mobile Game Development

The 21st century has seen the gaming industry in its peak of excellence. Along with the application developments, we have proved our efficiency in the fields of mobile games developments too. Gaming developments vary from adventure games to educational games. We have the right developing team who have an envision about the aspects of the gaming industry with the experiences in the right set of tools to develop mobile games for all ages and types. Our gaming development covers the categories of actions, adventures, puzzles, combats, sports, and educational games.

Mobile Application Maintenance

Our responsibilities on the mobile applications that we developed don’t end by the time when we release the applications to the customers. We hold the responsibilities of the applications even after the application is released to the customers or handed over to the clients. We accept the responsibility for the crashing of application, unexpected failure of the services, poor user experiences, unexpected closing problems, optimization failures, platform or operating system problems etc in our applications and we will surely provide proper assistance and supports to our applications along with the required periodical maintenance.

All Apps

What technology is used for app development?

Mobile application development can be both personal applications or business purposes applications. These applications include the fields of gaming, educational purposes, services, entertainment purposes etc. We decide on the technology based on the requirement and consideration into any future growth prospect. The technology used also depend upon your budget and customer count.

Our programmer has advanced programming experiences in Android Studio, Java, Firebase, Unity, Kotlin, etc

We always aim at reducing the initial cost of the applications whenever possible. The cost of each application depends on the technology being used, the services you need to provide to your customers, the functional perspective of the applications etc.

We have experience in