Polygon Puzzle Game

Polygon puzzle game is stress relieving logic puzzle game. It has the features of classic chinese tangram games with modern blocks puzzle. Connect the polygon shapes in the board without overlapping them and create colorful patterns. You will get a greate relaxation on Completing a puzzle. It is for kids and adults! Definitely adictive game, which will take your time.

Polygon puzzle game features lots of different level packs variating in style and colors. Challenge yourself, fitting the pieces onto the board feels simply satisfying – A brain teasing puzzle game one can only love!

Basic rules: 
Drag the puzzle piece on below section and try putting them upon to fill the board. When parts were intersected, you would not be able to put it down. There would be a red frame flashing under your grabbing piece which indicates the current rectangle area of your dropable area. 

App Features

  • 5 difficulties, over 350+ levels
  • Beginner and master levels
  • Colourful design
  • Playable offline – No Wifi required